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             Dot Net Career Edge Program

                        Online  |  45 days  |  Starts 29th Jan 2020 | 

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Learn .Net

  • Learn .Net from world-class faculty and local industry leaders
  • Gain the necessary skills and become an expert Become certified .Net Professional and
    receive complete course certificate from GlobalEdx
  • Achieve Tangible Career Impact through 1-on-1 industry mentorship sessions

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Program Highlights

About GlobalEDX:

GlobalEdx is a one-stop shop for IT Services in Hyderabad. Dot Net is one of the most demanded course to get placed in IT Industries.GlobalEdx is the best dot net training in Hyderabad for Dot Net Programming with certified Trainers. Dot Net training by GlobalEDX is providing to help you to build your best and growing career with ease and offer 100% Placements. GlobalEDX gives SQL training in Hyderabad. We give aspirants to expert knowledge in each and every module with a clear and depth understanding skill set. We make the students with real-time project experience and gives placements to the top Mnc’s. If you want to start your career at MNC’s. GlobalEdx is the dot net online training in Hyderabad. The proper coaching on Dot Net includes console applications, web applications, basics in asp .net,Web server controls, etc. GlobalEDX gives you live Project experience on Dot Net Programming. We give Personal one to one attention to every student for easy learning.

dot net course duration and fees are 45 days and fees are very reasonable. GlobalEdx is the best SQL online training in Hyderabad.

 Action Based Dot Net Learning:

  • Hands-on experience with tools widely used by Dot net learners.
  • 2 live simulation projects from strategy to execution to manage campaigns across digital channels
  • Rigorous and customized feedback on all assignments and projects

       Global Content, Local Context

  • 100+ learning modules from leading GlobalEdx faculty and industry experts
  • 8 sector specific case studies conducted by experts in online and classroom training from Facebook, UI/UX, BigData, AI, DoubleClick, Java, etc..
  • Doubt Resolution within 24 hours through a dedicated team of Teaching Assistants

About Dot Net Programming:

.Net(Pronounced Dot Net) is a framework that provides programming guidelines that can be used to develop an application. Dot net Programming can be work from several programming languages like C#,VB.NET, C++, etc. Web development using .net technologies has a very good future. Dot net is an independent technology in these global industries.

Career Opportunities in Dot Net Programming:

  1. Career Opportunities in Dot Net programming are many for Experienced Graduates and also for Freshers in Mnc’s and Medium-level companies and startups too.
  2. If you have good training, Good communication skills, Analytical skills, Minimum coding knowledge, and a good attitude to learn fast then Many Software Corporate companies will hire You.
  3. If you want to grow in IT or Software Industry, You must choose Dot Net as your Career path.
  4. Dot Net has many career opportunities like Dot net developer, asp.Net software developer, dot net maintenance engineer, etc
  5. Nowadays lots of demand for scripting languages. If you know the basic knowledge of these languages like c, HTML, and CSS, You will be the good Dot net developer in Corporates
  6. If you are interested in software development and programming you can grab easily in Dot Net careers.
  7. Students should have basic knowledge about programming or have programmed in at least one programming language-preferable C or C++. Some familiarity with Object Oriented Programming is desired but not required
  8. Learn.Net today and become the next lucky person to be placed by TrainRecruit.com
  9. Microsoft directly gives you the CETPA training, after completion of training, You will get a certificate from Microsoft.

 Prerequisites for Dot Net Program:

  1. If you want to learn programming languages like C, C++, Java, C#, etc then you can also learn Dot Net programming for better career opportunities.
  2. If you learn HTML and CSS, then you can start to learn ASP Dot Net.
  3. Students education background from BE/Btech/Mtech/any Degree/MCA etc

 After completion of Dot Net Programming you should be expertized in :

  1. Complete Knowledge on Dot Net syllabus including programming in real time Project experience.
  2. You should have hands-on experience in Mobile application development in asp .net, Web application deployment, service applications, etc
  3. For dot net training should be done 50% of theoretical and 50 % Practical.so that You could directly work for live Projects in Mnc’s.
  4. They can easily conduct web API’S.
  5. Our students can easily develop web applications.
  6. If you are an expert in Dot net you can be directly placed in GlobalEDX.
  7. We will give you complete guidance of Microsoft certification.

 Placement program For Dot Net:

  1.    We will give Job assurance by sending students for an interview for MNC’s and Medium level companies.
  2.    We will help you to prepare your Resume.
  3.    We will provide Interview Questions and Answers.
  4.    We have Dedicated HR team for Interviews and placements.
  5.    We have Global corporate companies tie-ups.
  6.   We will guide you to write all the certifications in Dot net.

Get 1-on-1 training and feedback from counselors accelerate your career now.

This course covers advanced features of the .Net programming language. Students will learn how to use inheritance, interfaces, exception handling, file input and output, and generic types, and how to incorporate graphical user interfaces(GUIs) into their programming applications. Students will also learn how to apply object-oriented design and programming principles to their programs. Typical assignments and projects include using built-in and programmer-defined classes to develop full-featured, easy-to-use programs.

At the end of the course, students submit a comprehensive final examination.

Learn .Net today and become the next lucky person to be placed by TrainRecruit.com

Basic Level - .NET course

Join the Complete .NET course from GlobalEdx training institute. With computer lab access, get trained practically with the right guidance and mentoring from renowned experts. Become a certified and expert programmer now!

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COURSE DETAILS                                                                      

  3. HTML
  4. CSS
  6. NET
  7. NET
  10. WCF
  12. MVC


  1. Introduction To.Net
  2. .Net Framework Versions and Process Execution in CLR
  3. Programming in C#.Net in Console
  • Data Types
  • Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Type Conversions
  1. Arrays
  2. String and String Builder
  3. Object-Oriented Programming
  • Class and Objects Creation
  • Types of Methods
  • Constructor
  • Encapsulation and Abstraction
  • Inheritance
  • Types of Classes
  1. Properties
  2. Exception Handling
  3. Assemblies
  4. Multithreading





Windows Programming

  1. Creation of Windows Forms
  2. Working with different Controls                                                                                                                                 HTML
  1. Introduction to HTML
  2. Tables
  3. Forms
  4. CSS


  1. Introduction to JavaScript
  2. Sample Programs
  3. Validations


  1. Introduction to ASP.Net
  • Types of Applications
  • Web Application with Web Server
  • Client Side and Server Side Scripting
  1. Difference Between IIS and IIS Express
  2. NET Role and Page Life Cycle
  3. ASP Web Forms
  • Web Form Introduction
  • Worker Process
  • Applying styles to controls, themes, skins etc.
  • Page Directives and its uses
  • Code Behind Techniques





  1. Validation Controls
  2. Data Bound Controls
  3. User Controls
  4.   Master Page Creation
  5.     Security
  6. State Management Techniques
  • Client Side State Management Technique
  • Server Side Management Technique                                                                                                   


  1. Introduction to ADO.Net
  2. Types of Architectures
  3. connect/insert/delete/update/select query using ado.net
  4. Working with different Queries in SQL Server

 ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES IN ASP.NET                                                                                                                                


  1. Introduction to Ajax
  2. Working with Ajax Controls

    Web Services

  • Introduction to Web services
  • Implementing Web services in ASP.Net

     Windows Communication Foundation

      Model View Controller (MVC)




What is the objective of the course?

The basic objectives of the course are:
a) Providing a student with necessary knowledge to build desktop and web based applications using C# language and .Net Framework.
b) Providing a student with necessary skills to be able to succeed in job interviews based on .net
c) Provide a certification for the course.

What is the training methodology?

Practicals play a key role in the training methodology of this course. First half of each class will be a theory session and second half will be Practicals. Practicals of each class are MUST for each and every student.

Will there be any Assignments or Tests in the course?

Yes. There will be weekly assignments and weekly tests based on topics covered during the week.

What are the special features of this course?

The course is a certification based course wherein at the end of the course a certification will be provided to each student.

After the completion of the course, students are expected to:

1. have developed skills to design and build .NET applications, with or without databases, that are fully object-oriented,
2. have gained practical skills in developing modern programs using advanced components from the .NET Framework,
3. efficiently design and build .NET component-based applications where the presentation is separated from the business logic using code libraries, to solve realistic programming problems,
4. have the ability of making sound decisions when analyzing, modeling and structuring software, applying object-oriented principles and a multilayer architecture


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