Best Python Coaching Center in India

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Action Based Python Learning.

  • Hands-on experience with tools widely used by Python Programmers.
  • 2 live simulation pro strategy to execution to manage Python Programming Language.
  • Rigorous and customized feedback on all assignments and projects.

Global candidates and faculty with Global Advantage!

  • 100+ learning modules from leading TrainRecruit faculty and industry experts.
  • 8 sector specific case studies conducted by experts in online and classroom training from Facebook, UI/UX, BigData, AI, DoubleClick, Java, etc..
  • Doubt Resolution within 24 hours through a dedicated team of Teaching Assistants.

Python Course – Basic Level course, Advanced and Frameworks

Main Reasons to take a career in Python:

  1. Any IT / Non IT experienced graduates, who are interested to restart their career in web development and programming, Python language is the perfect platform.
  2. Python is the fastest growing career among on the web development courses.
  3.  There are no tough prerequisites. Basic knowledge of computer programming and concepts are enough to learn Python.
  4. On and average salaries for Python professionals are around  $102,492 PA. and Python has 1,50,000 jobs for the next Next 6 months.
  5. Python is a massive language. The syntax is simple and code length is short which makes it easy to understand and write.

The course modules in the training:

   Our syllabus module has well structured the modules which are in the course period

  • Core Python
  • Advanced Python
  • Python with Django
  • Python with Flask
  • Live Mini Project
  • Real-Time Major Project

Python course fees in India varies with different institutes but the GlobalEdx is giving you the reliable course fees, we would provide the online training sessions. Granted providing the 100%  job oriented training with specialized industry experts.

After completion of python you should be expertized in :

  1. Total Knowledge on Python programming language including installation and practicing coding.
  2. Learn how to use Variables, Operators, Arrays, Lists, Libraries, loops, etc in Python.
  3. Using all Modules and packages in Python.
  4. Knowledge of Data Analytics and Data Science.
  5. Hands on experience in Programming coding and Execution in Python.

 Career opportunities in Python :

  1. Career Opportunities in Python are many for Experienced Graduates and also for Freshers in MNC’s and Medium-level companies and startups too.
  2. If you have the proper Training, Problem Solving skills and good attitude to learn fast Python has many offers to grab You.
  3. Python has multiple career options like Web Developer, Data Scientist, Data Programmer, Software Developer, Python Analyst, DevOps Engineer, etc.
  4. Who could write coding easily, Python is a more suitable job for them.
  5. Global Opportunities are more for Python.   

Placement program:

  1.    We will give 100% Job assistance and placement assurance by sending students for an interview for MNCs and Medium level companies.
  2.    We will help you to prepare your Resume.
  3.    We will provide Interview Questions and Answers.
  4.    We have Dedicated HR team for Interviews and placements.
  5.    We have Global corporate companies tie-ups.
  6.   We will guide you to write all the certifications in Digital Marketing.


Content for Syllabus :

Core Python:
Python Introduction
Python Setup Environment & installation
Python various versions
Python – Different programming languages
Language Fundamentals
Input and Output Statements
Flow Controls
String Concept
List Data structure
Tuple Data Structure
Set Data Structure
Dictionary Data Structure
Functions, Packages & Modules

Advanced Python:
Exception Handling
File Handling
Python database Connectivity(PDBC)
Regular Expressions
Web Scarping
Logging Modules
Python GUI
Python Networking concept


Python with Django:
Django Introduction
Django Set Environment & Installation
Django Creating a Project
Django Apps Life Cycle
Django Admin Interface
Django Creating Views
Django URL Mapping
Django Template System
Django Models
Django Page Redirection
Django Sending E-mails
Django Generic Views
Django Form Processing
Django File Uploading

Python with Flask:
Flask Introduction
Flask Setup Environment & Installation
Flask Application
Flask Routing
Flask Variables Rules
Flask URL Building
Flask HTTP Method
Flask Template
Flask Static Files
Flask Request Object
Sending Form data to Template
Flask Cookies
Flask Sessions
Flask Redirect & Errors


Why should i learn Python?

Python is the best programming language which has a simple syntax, short coding, and implementation, it’s easy to learn for the beginners to reach the expert Level with strong basics.

Who can learn Python course?

Python is data mining, automation, and big data analysis. and it is very easy to Learn who else have basic knowledge of coding and who else want to start the career of programming this course is best to begin

Do you require programming knowledge for Python?

Yes, Needed minimum knowledge for a programming language for easy learning which adds benefit in increase to expert level comfortably

What is the expected salary for a Python programmer Fresher?

The minimum salary for a Python Programmer if you join as a fresher is 15000INR – 18000INR.

Do Python programmers as a demand?

The Python Programmer has a continues Demand in the Industry, it is a very simple and easy coding programming language, the main purpose of this language is to illuminate code reliability and increase the productivity of developers such as data mining, desktop apps, and Webpages.

Jobs for Python Programmer?

The  Job Profile for  Python Programmer is Data Scientist, Software Engineer. Python Developer. Research Analyst. Data Analyst. Data Scientist. Software Developer.