Digital Marketing Services

Web Development and Design

With specialists in the latest development skill-sets, we combine teams based on the requirement. We carefully chit chat with you and gather requirements diligently. Then we plan the sitemap and Wireframe creation. We go onto design page layouts and review the approval cycle.

At Digital Global Agency, we have proficient UI/UX Designers who will analyse your requirements and create user engaging templates. We cover all aspects from responsive design, Rich animation, user interactive technologies such as AngularJS, NodeJs and Java Script.

“Simplicity and clarity leads to better design.”


Mobile Application Development

Our Apps are meticulously intuitive and conversion focused. Engineered and designed for brand building and making your customers delighted.


  • Android/ iOS App Development
  • Broad suite of cross platform/ Hybrid Apps
  • App store optimization
  • Responsive design, keeping simplicity in mind

Provides rich application frame work, that allows multiple entry points for end users. Android apps have adaptive framework and gives flexibility in design.

For consumer apps it’s better to select one platform and build an amazing native experience. These frameworks are apt for gaming, data security for businesses and flexible with the programming language being used.

We’ll help increase organic downloads through a data-driven App Store optimization (ASO).This process includes creating a visually customer engaging landing page, design and delivering the right content.

The storefront is where customers hang out and is of prime importance. We build fast, responsive and secure platforms keeping simplicity in mind and ease of use.

Graphic Design

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Content Marketing & Curation Platform

Developing product-related content & combine SEO techniques for our partners and clients

We create content that allows more conversations with your users; engage them in a unique way. As Lee Odden said: “Think of SEO this way: If a customer-focused content marketing program is the sandwich, then SEO is the mayonnaise.”

Dedicated Developer Support

Dedicated Developer Service:

Suitable for high end Website/Web portal development, ecommerce /Magento – web development, shopping cart technology, WordPress development, WordPress plugin support, Mobile design and development. We also provide web maintenance packages, weekly and monthly plans available.

Dedicated Digital Support

This support is apt for AdWords, development, content and SEO, paid search and PPC support. We have teams tailored to launch a new agency or provide support for your existing agency. We always remain anonymous to you clients. Ideal for SEO resellers and option to remain anonymous to your

Become A Complete Digital Agency With Reduced Risk

We provide back office implementation tasks and act as the backbone for agencies world-wide. This type of managed services help agencies to focus on marketing and client satisfaction while delivering high quality services.

White Labelled support services gives you exclusive pricing for all our support plans so that you can rebrand it with your company name and offer/resell to your customers.

Since you are a partner of Digital Global agency we make sure that you have high profitability by saving you more than 60% FTE costs.

Rapid profitability at low risk. With configurable mailing rules, we act as an extended team and remain anonymous to your clients.

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